Developing a Pathway

Focusing on Future Goals

US Performance Academy has a goal-oriented and intentional focus for each student-athlete’s future. Whether their goal is collegiate, professional, or Olympic, we align their academics to support that path. We construct their calendar, schedule, and courses as a base to support their future goals. We understand how important life after high school is, so we make sure each student-athlete is set up for success.

Our college and career counseling department plays a major role in guiding each student-athlete along their desired pathway. In order to make a plan and execute it, students meet with our counseling department early on.

Planning for college, student-athletes are directed through the process of selecting NCAA approved courses, working on college applications, requesting letters of recommendation, and learning to market themselves.

Aiming for the Olympics, student-athletes can dedicate the hours they need to training, while their courses fit into their down time. Students can take advantage of every minute of the day in order to prepare for competition.

Whether planning to go pro in their sport or to use their athletic skills in a profession, there are many opportunities for skill building at USPA. Working with our college & career counselor, students will expand their horizons and plan for the future.

NCAA Information

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and USPA share a commitment to rigorous, standards-aligned online instruction for student-athletes. USPA’s curriculum and instructional model, implemented through Edgenuity, have been reviewed by the NCAA and meet the requirements for online courses.

Our curriculum has been awarded “extended evaluation” status, which means that the NCAA has completed a thorough review of the curriculum and implementation model, and has found that it meets the guidelines for online courses. As part of the extended evaluation, the NCAA continues to monitor core and AP coursework from actual student athletes enrolled in online courses.

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