• Are athletics offered at USPA?

    No. US Performance Academy is not a sports school. We offer an academic solution for athletes looking to balance their education with their athletics. USPA is designed for athletes that are already involved in a competitive team or individual sport.

  • Do USPA courses meet the California A-G requirements?

    All USPA core courses are A-G compliant. Click the link for more information on UC’s A-G subject requirements.

  • Where is USPA located?

    We are an online school with a main office located in New Hampshire. As a digital school, USPA is located wherever you are in the world. We also work with whole team partnerships advising for on-site learning centers.

  • Can a student complete the academic year at their prior school in May or June and then join USPA at a later point in your schedule?

    Yes! In fact, this is a great way for student athletes who may be beginning a new training regimen or development program in September and want to get a head start on their studies. It is a great way for students to make the transition to the USPA program during a time when they are in-between training, or in a slower period of their training calendar. Students can opt to take up to two summer school courses or start their new school year immediately after finishing their prior one, scheduling breaks for a different point in the year, whatever works best for your family. Remember, for those families who travel during the summer for vacations, your child can continue working with their computer and a wifi signal if they so choose, but it isn’t required. At USPA, family comes first and we believe it’s important for adolescents to have downtime throughout the year.

  • If my son or daughter ends their prior year of school at the halfway point, how do I ensure their preparedness for subjects in which concepts cumulatively build upon each other, as they do in Math?

    Our academic leadership team works hand in hand with learning coaches throughout the admissions process to make every effort to place an incoming student at the appropriate level across all subjects. These are ongoing discussions throughout orientation and as the student begins his/her courses.


  • What are your academic graduation requirements?

    Students are required to complete 20 academic credits to graduate from USPA.

  • Do you offer AP classes?

    Yes, please refer to our high school course catalog:

    High School Catalog

  • Do you offer electives?

    Yes, we strongly believe that you shouldn’t be limited in exploring your interests as a student because you are a high performing athlete. Students are encouraged to explore our extensive elective offerings in our course catalogs.

  • Does USPA adhere to a typical academic calendar?

    No, we recognize that our student needs vary depending on training schedules and intensity over the course of the year. Therefore, we remain “open” 365 days a year. For our athletes and their families this allows the ultimate level of flexibility to successfully integrate their training calendar into their academic calendar. For example, a winter athlete may train from November through March, and then begins his/her school year April 1 and finishes up with courses in December as they begin training on a more intense schedule. However, we may have another athlete who works throughout their training, and designs a set of personal goals that gives them up to 12 months to finish their classes versus a compressed 7 or 8 month schedule. At USPA, we emphasize mastery over seat time.

  • How often will a learning coach meet with my son or daughter?

    The schedule is developed by the student athletes and their learning coach during student orientation. We consider training schedules, academic strategies, and overall personal goals for each of our students. The typical schedule is three times per week and times vary between 15 minutes to over an hour depending on subject matter being discussed.

  • I am nervous about moving from a traditional school environment to a digital one. How does USPA address that with new students?

    This starts during the enrollment process when our new student athletes meet their learning coach for the first time. In those initial orientation meetings, there are multiple discussions about learning styles and organization all developed to allow our students to become self directed learners within the USPA community. We believe that it’s a continual process of relationship building and support. We also offer a Online Learning and Digital Citizenship elective for those who are interested.

  • Do learning coaches teach as well?

    Yes, they focus on teaching each of their students specific skills around organization, routines, and managing their own learning. It all begins during orientation with a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) discussion and then each week our learning coaches develop plans to integrate different learning opportunities for each of their students.

  • What does a typical school day look like?

    USPA learning coaches begin working with their students during orientation to identify the optimal time to complete their school work, what is their typical training schedule, and what type of physical environment do they learn best in. Then, working with each family, we suggest a time of study that integrates each of those elements. Depending on the student, we see ranges of studies from 1 to 5 hours a day. The average student will spend about 20 -25 hours a week (7 days). Due to the nature of our student’s activity understand that this may increase or decrease on any given day.  In addition to school work, each student has academic meetings with their learning coach throughout the year to discuss academic progress, training schedules, and study skills.

  • Do you offer college counseling?

    Yes. USPA offers a full college counseling program. We continue to build relationships with various college coaches and admission offices throughout the United States. Our Director of College Counseling, Julie Glusker is one of the best in the business!

  • How many students in each class?
    • One. We don’t lump students together because their academic needs are similar. We absolutely mean it when we tell families that each student’s experience is individualized and the academic calendar can be customized to meet the athletic demands for each student. Just because the student has an individualized schedule, does not mean they work alone. Our students are required to collaborate with other USPA students.
  • How is USPA different from other online schools?

    It’s our human interaction that sets us a part. Each student is assigned a USPA Learning Coach who handles all of our student and family needs and plays an integral part of each USPA student’s success. Each student has the ability to customize their own learning schedule and to spread each academic year over 12 months. This allows them to take advantage of different offerings in the classroom and athletic opportunities to truly individualize their learning experience.

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