Encased in Support

From day one, every student-athlete is met with a strong foundation to build their academic and athletic dreams. USPA educates student-athletes all over the world. These athletes are traveling, on the go, and motivated. Yet, no matter how much drive these young athletes possess, they require a significant level of support in order to stay on top of and successful in their education. USPA provides a multi-level support system for each athlete to succeed no matter where they happen to be.

Learning Coach

Think about how an athletic coach will guide, teach, and motivate you through your sport. The learning coach will do the same, but for your education. Learning coaches, students, and families participate in student orientation and team building exercises to start the year. Learning coaches and students continue to collaborate and build camaraderie as the academic year progresses. This is achieved through weekly meetings, communication with parents, and support with organizational skills. Our learning coaches will even sometimes travel to sporting events and meet with students and families in person to better understand all the dynamics in each of our student-athlete’s lives. It becomes a strong relationship in which the learning coach gets to know each student and family personally. They are there to cheer you on and celebrate during your high times and guide and motivate you through your lows.


The USPA teacher reviews student progress and works with learning coaches to strategize and implement each student’s learning plan. Teachers support core instruction and application of new skills through USPA’s curriculum. This occurs through student-teacher one-to-one meetings, video-conferencing, phone, and discussion boards.

College & Career Counselor

USPA believes that the ideal college application process is marked by balance, careful planning, and reduced stress—not to mention satisfying results. USPA learning coaches collaborate with our college counselor to best serve each student and their families. Our counselor collaborates with learning coaches and parents to guide and support student-athletes as they consider possibilities beyond USPA. Throughout the program, learning coaches meet with their students to discuss options and identify strengths, interests, and a strategy to discover which colleges and universities best suits them. USPA also utilizes its extensive network of coaches and industry experts so our graduates have access to a unique athletic perspective as they evaluate each of their opportunities.

Parents, Guardians, & Other Responsible Adults

At USPA we feel that parents are an integral part of a student’s academic success and can play a key role in the mentoring of their student. The USPA leadership team and a student’s learning coach are always available to meet with our families to discuss optimal work environments, on the road studying strategies and student progress.

The USPA Community

At USPA, we believe in facilitating a sense of community within our online learning environment. When you join US Performance Academy, you become a member of our unique community of athletes and their families, giving you a support system that provides opportunities for growth.

At the core of our program is a learning coach. This personal advisor guides and advocates for each student-athlete—from coordinating their athletic training schedule with their academic program, to providing life skills training and coordination with our college and placement advisors.

Our learning coaches understand and place importance on helping students understand both their individual learning styles, on creating good work habits, and on defining short and long-term goals.

We recognize that the relationships our teachers and learning coaches build with our students directly impacts both student learning outcomes and college placement opportunities.

With student-athletes living, traveling, competing, and learning all over the world, the USPA community is an important aspect of our student support system. Through a multitude of digital tools, parents, students, and coaches can stay connected, motivate each other, share tips, and learn from each other. US Performance Academy’s proprietary platform allows for a growing and active community of athletes. Using video conferencing, students, teachers, and learning coaches meet and grow a personal relationship. Friendships are formed, group projects are completed, and the USPA community keeps student-athletes that are separated geographically connected digitally.

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