US Performance Academy is the online school for High Performance Athletes. We recognize that our student athletes may need extra support in areas they see as opportunities for growth. The USPA Student Development Program offers a variety of resources for student athletes.


  • USPA Student Athletic and Cognitive Analysis $120 value add


  • Collaborate with teachers on behalf of student/family
  • Provision of graphic organizers
  • Provision of individualized pace charts based on individualized student preferred modality 
  • Skill development in the area of self-directed learning (student becomes an active seeker rather than a passive recipient)
  • Strategies for avoiding procrastination and overwhelm cycles
  • Skill development in the area of emotional regulation to avoid executive function hijacking

DIRECT INSTRUCTION with Learning Specialist

  • One-to-one video-conferences to allow students to ask questions or complete assignments with teacher support
  • Tiered and differentiated instruction
  • Assignments and directions given ahead of time, with time to check in with students
  • Brain break activities to enhance brain health and wellness
  • Reinforcement of content through real world examples to give context and enable greater connection
  • Collaborate with student on Google docs
  • Reflective discussions about the content
  • Skill development in the area of study habits
  • Course acceleration (if relevant or necessary)
  • Individualized interdisciplinary projects


  • USPA Student Athletic and Cognitive Analysis 
    • USPA Student Athletic and Cognitive Analysis is a cognitive and psychological assessment that offers advanced analytics for athletes, teachers, parents, and coaches. Learn your student’s learning styles, how best to work with them, and their cognitive strengths and growth opportunities. 
  • Collaboration and regarding specific skill areas and how to adapt them at home, on site, or while traveling for competitions


  • Single sessions for $100 per hour
  • 10% discount if you purchase a package of 5, 10, or 20 sessions
  • 5 sessions for $450 
  • 10 sessions for $900 
  • Full semester weekly option – 20 sessions for $1800 

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