Personalized Whole Student Development

USPA’s college counseling program provides a comprehensive, holistic approach with a focus on whole student/athlete development. We mentor students academically, athletically, and personally as they navigate the college application process, emphasizing this important opportunity for great personal growth and life learning for each student athlete. We also personalize the process to meet the individual interests, goals, needs, and aptitudes of each student.


US Performance Academy believes that effective college counseling is marked by purpose, planning, and balance – as well as positive results. We encourage all USPA students to set goals and work to achieve their goals while also thriving and enjoying their high school experience academically, athletically, and personally. Being a positive, productive, and purposeful student athlete in the USPA learning environment and performing and excelling in school, sport and social realms prepares student athletes to succeed independently beyond high school.

Frank Sachs, former president of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), contended, “College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.” In a competitive culture, it is critical to remember that the college application process is an exciting and inspiring experience, providing a chance for introspection and self-awareness as well as the honing of important skills – analysis, contemplation, goal setting, planning, organization, self-confidence, communication and decision-making. Finding a college that meets and serves students’ aspirations and interests can be a seminal journey.

USPA’s college counselor collaborates with learning coaches and parents, guiding student athletes as they consider college prospects and pathways. The learning coach/college counselor team helps students identify strengths, interests, and needs as he/she explores and discovers relevant and compelling colleges and universities. Through the use of SCOIR’s college counseling platform, students and families can access a wealth of resources to complement their personalized work with our college counselor. Students and families also benefit from college information sessions, individualized planning meetings, a college counseling toolkit, and organizational and planning resources.

Next Steps

Beyond the delivery of strong college preparatory coursework and athletic possibility, independent school education is unique in how it enriches and enhances personal learning and development. Students demonstrate independence, self-advocacy, and initiative through their engagement in USPA’s flexible, dynamic, and connected online education platform, setting them apart from peer college applicants. Our students also perform at the highest levels in sport, employing grit, resilience, and tenacity and requiring integrity and sportsmanship. These traits serve USPA students well in their future endeavors, preparing them to launch and excel in higher education.

USPA’s college counseling supports this student performance across these key areas:

  • Academic profile – course selection, rigor, grades, testing, transcripts
  • Extracurricular engagement – sports, dance, arts, other
  • Summer productivity – training, work, study, internships, and travel
  • Leadership/community service – volunteering, service initiatives, common good
  • Application tactics – college planning form, college target list, essays, supplements, recommendations, interviews, resumes, portfolios/profiles

As competitive athletes know, there are multiple ways to train and improve. USPA’s college counselor customizes the college search to the unique needs and hopes of the individual student (and family). Our counselors have valuable experience and insight after years of visiting and consulting with colleges and universities throughout the country and staying current on higher education policies, trends and innovations. With experience and passion, USPA helps students find and secure a relevant and desirable college fit.

Our curriculum is fully accredited and designed to prepare students for college.

Graduation Requirements

A total of 20 Credits are required to graduate from USPA. Each year, full-time students must earn a minimum of 5 simultaneous credits in order to earn a USPA diploma (distributed as follows). USPA does not offer credit for PE.

  • English – 4 Credits
  • Math – 3 Credits (including Algebra II)
  • Science – 3 Credits (including Biology and Chemistry)
  • History – 3 Credits (including US and World History)
  • World Language – 2 Credits (minimum of two levels of the same language)
  • Health – 0.5 credit
  • Electives – 4.5 Credits

Director of College Counseling, Kelly Farrell

Kelly has over 10 years of college counseling and teaching experiences at independent secondary schools in California and Colorado with a focus on prospective college athletes. In addition to her work as a college counselor, Kelly has read undergraduate applications for Northeastern University since 2012. Kelly currently lives in New Hampshire with her family and enjoys skiing, surfing and wrangling her two crazy kids. 

Kelly’s Approach:

“The journey to selecting a college is one that can be both exciting and stressful. My goal as a college counselor is to help ease the process by laying out reasonable timelines, having honest conversations and helping  students present themselves in a way in which they are proud. Each student and family is different and each path and process will not be the same. I aim to help educate families to find a school and program where students will find their passion, feel secure and thrive.”

College Counselor Contact Information:

Director of College Counseling: Kelly.Farrellmillar@GoUSPA.org

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